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Sunday, November 27, 2005

First posting!

I am completely and totally new to this blog thing, but it seemed like a fun thing to do. I am learning as I go!

A wonderful, exciting, awesome, incredibly disappointing thing happened a few days ago. After waiting nine months (sounds like I had a baby!) my guardian angel doll was finally published in Quilting Arts magazine. What a thrill. Although it won't be on the newsstands for a week or so, my friend Patti got hers in the mail last week. She was kind enough to scan and send the page to me so I could see how my doll looks. She's the one on the right, holding the big purple heart.

Imagine how thrilled I was to see MY doll in a magazine--one that has international distribution. And I was equally thrilled to see that she is featured in a small grouping rather than one of more than 100 on a two-page spread. And then imagine my absolute horror and disappointment when I saw that Ulla from Finland was credited with creating MY doll.

Of course, I have emailed the editors of the magazine. I've asked for things from them that I probably won't get, but I have at least let them know they screwed up in a BIG BIG way as far as I'm concerned!

Today is going to be art-making day for me. I get to do the invitations for my office Christmas party so I'll be finishing those up. And I have a personal collage that I am anxious to work on--something special that I will share when it's finished.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I purchase your works of art?

9:49 AM  
Blogger firstborn studio said...

hiya ellen!!!
so glad to see you here....and your published work is fabulous,many congrats to you and well deserved,indeed!

8:11 AM  

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