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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Once again the awesome and inspiring Ann has surprised me with wonderful gifts from her travels and adventures.

Who are these bathing beauties? Are they friends who meet once a year for a retreat by the sea? Are they sisters and cousins at a family reunion? Whoever they were, I believe they must have been happy as they posed near the water's edge!

And can you believe that prescriptions from 1930 were not destroyed somewhere along the way, but hidden away for artists to discover 76 years later! Amazing..............

Thank you, Ann, for thinking of me with this lovely gift!


Blogger Janet said...

The photo of the bathing beauties is fantastic. I just love old photos like that. What a nice gift to receive.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Michel Murphy said...

I recently acquired some prescriptions from the l950's. My mother (a retired nurse) likes to decipher the handwriting to see just "what the doctor ordered."

11:32 AM  
Anonymous angelica torrez said...

Ellen it was nice to have met you yesterday... If i can figure out again how to put links on my blog I will make sure i add your on their.... I will just have to make time to practice adding them again.

Take care, angelica

1:02 PM  

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