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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've crossed over............

to the new blog! Some have said it's difficult, confusing, impossible; others have said it's not easy--a bit tricky; others have said it's a piece of cake...............after biting my nails down to the quick, worrying, being intimidated, I held my breath, followed the directions, and here I am. We'll see how well it goes from here.

I feel as though I have crossed over in other ways, as well. Where have I been? In some fog that has seemed to lift for moments at a time, but that was just me trying to push it away. But I think, possibly.......perhaps, this time the sun truly is breaking through............fog is nothing but a few wisps waiting to be carried away with some gentle breezes.
Art-making has been almost non-esixtent. Life has been unproductive in all ways. I seem to know when this phase is lifting...............I suddenly see the disarray that has become my life over a period of weeks or months; in this case, almost a year. And along with the ability to see, I have some energy to do! I know I am waking up when I begin clearing off the surfaces, opening up spaces, removing what is unnecessary and unusable. Things around me lighten up, and I feel lighter again. I can breathe again.


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