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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Taking the Plunge.............

.............with my first "big" swap. I say big because it's more than the usual dozen atc's, and big because I'm swapping with a group of people who are complete strangers to me. It's only kind of intimidating, though, because I feel ready for this kind of challenge. Some of the swapmates also have blogs, which I've visited, and can see that I will be swapping skinny book pages with some very talented artists.

This swap is being hosted by Chrysti, whose skinny pages, and tutorial on creating backgrounds, can be seen in the current issue of CPS.

I am also making charms for a swap that will take place in less than two weeks. Charms aren't done, of course, but they are completely created in my head, which is where most all the work takes place, anyway!

Then there is my atc swap group, a bunch of fabulous and fun women who meet once a month to connect, laugh, vent, find support, get inspired, and.......oh, yes, swap atc's!

Committing myself to these kinds of artistic adventures motivates me to actually create rather than just think about creating. And it gets me to clear up some space and reorganize so that I can actually get some work done.

Since I will need to mail off my charms in a couple of days, I guess I'd best get to work!!


Blogger Sharon said...

Hi Ellen, I'm Sharon @ norah's and I'm taking the plunge too. First time for me too so I'm a bit sceeerred. But it will be so fun I know.

8:57 PM  

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