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Friday, October 31, 2008

Falling Back

It's been tough the past few weeks, trying to pry myself out of bed when there is so little light. Seems like the day is half gone by the time the sun lights my windows. So, for that reason, I am happy to set the clock back this weekend. On the other hand, night will come so quickly. It's dark much of the time when I get off work, anyway, so it won't make a lot of difference then. I notice the difference late in the day when I am out making a home visit to a new place on a country road, or a poorly lit neighborhood. I take that, though, as one of the challenges of my job, and try to look at it as an adventure rather than an inconvenience.
I enjoy coming home from work at this time of year, in the dark, with a chill in the air. Walking into the warmth and light of my home gives me comfort. I am invited, once the dog has been walked, to cozy up in bed with a book or movie. An Autumn such as this is to be savored, being in the moment, without thoughts of what the next few months might bring.
Drink in the glory of this season!


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