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Monday, September 03, 2007

Days 25-31

And the final week:

Top row:

Fran created this lucious fabric bead, rolled and wrapped and silky.

Pat does fabulous watercolor resist (another reversible charm!)

Sunny created with stamped heavy-weight paper and a little bead dangle.

Bottom row:

Maureen's dragonfly is, I think, shrink plastic. A circle dangle with her initials hangs on the back.

Julie was clever with a jigsaw puzzle piece and bead dangles.

Margie's keyboard offered up a clever contribution to this swap. Again a reversible charm: beads fill the pin that passes through from top to bottom.

And finally, the last day, Harriet gave us each a hand. Once again I think it might be shrink plastic, but this stuff is so great I can't always be certain.


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