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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Five Things

I've been tagged by Denise............

Five Things
five minutes to yourself: daydream
five bucks to spend right now: a quad-venti non-fat with whip white mocha from Starbucks
five items in your house you could part with: the telephone, leftovers in the fridge, the microwave, any handy-dandy kitchen gadget, curling iron
five items you absolutely,positively could never part with in your house: Bandit-the-Wonderdog; my books, my bed, my bathtub, my comfy slippers
five words you love: awesome, peace, blessings, love, gratitude

I tag........anyone who reads this!


Blogger firstborn studio said...

thanks for playing along!
happy momma's day to you,ellen!

10:27 PM  

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