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Monday, January 03, 2011

Waiting chairs, East side Cozumel. What a wonderful spot for watching the surf, catching the sunrise, or feeling the sun set on ones back...................

This is Mezcalito's, a fun and funky restaurant/bar on the East side of Cozumel. Al fresco dining at its was great, the al fresco even better. If you want visual stimulation, you could sit for hours reading messages written in sharpie on every possible surface. The ceiling is covered with t-shirts left by travelers (there must have been lots of topless folk staggering out of the place at various times!), fishing floats, fishnet, rope, and anything maritime. Just to the south of the dining area hang three hammocks........a temptation after devouring the best quesadillas in the world.

Cindy, Keith and Clayton set off down the beach looking for sea glass and other small treasures. I stayed behind, enjoying my view of the endless surf. It's not often that I give myself over to the bliss of relaxing--no book, no tv, no phone conversation. Directionless thoughts, drifting on the invisible salty mist. No problems to solve, no serious thoughts being pondered. I don't know how long I sat, but it didn't seem to matter.......2 minutes or 20 minutes, I think it was all the same. Even though my mind was active, and I was keenly aware of the pleasure in sitting, I simultaneously lost touch with my thinking brain. All that I was aware of was the coolness of the shade, the sound of the pounding waves, the salty mist, and the warmth of the breeze. There was no time, there was no "me," there were only the moments of breathing in and out during which I was connected with the breathing in and out.


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