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Sunday, January 09, 2011

What You Didn't See!

These are the parts unseen in yesterday's post..... the unsorted, unorganized, unpurged, the things that don't yet have homes.

It's okay! I really do focus on the parts and pieces that are finished and orderly. The unfinished is not entirely out of my awareness, I just choose not to emphasize that part.

My approach to life in general is revealed in what I just said. Unless there is something that has really pulled my attention to the negative, my focus is on the positive. It's a much more peaceful way to do things. The negative is not entirely out of my awareness, I just choose to keep it in perspective. Depending on what my priorities are on a given day, I might tackle the negative with a problem-solving approach, setting into motion a process of change. Or taking the next step in the process. I guess what's important is to remember that change is a process, sometimes going quickly, sometimes slowly, and to be aware of being in the process. Whether the process is bringing order to my studio, working through relationship issues, changing a bad habit, or healing a painful shoulder injury, it's all a process. And as long as I'm in the process, it's all good!


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Wish you left a new blog

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