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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Word Salad

Sunday, March 13, 2011


That's garden dirt under those fingernails........the first of the year! By the end of summer I will have dug a half-bushel of dirt from under those nails, and scrubbed even more off my hands. Mind you, I really don't like the sensation of dirt drying on my hands, but I welcome it when it means that I've been yard work. Seeing that dirt under my nails last week gave me hope, a promise that there is more to come. More time spent outdoors than in, more time watching things grow, more time drinking in the sights and sounds and feel of my little yard. My yard. It's mine, and part of the promise is that I can (within reason) do as I wish with it.

I have collected empty wine bottles from friends and family to use as a border around one of my hosta beds. How simple to dig a trench, place the bottles upside down, leaving about 4"- 6" of the bottom above ground. Fill in the trench, and there you have and recycling. Because most of the bottles are colorless, I'm toying with the idea of playing around with alcohol inks before burying the bottles. It certainly calls for some experimentation!

There are many things I've planned for my yard this year..........the first will be a stone path from my porch to driveway. More ornamental grasses to landscape in front of the fence. The stone path and landscaping both mean more trips to the creek to collect rock, one of my favorite weekend activities in the Spring and Summer.

I spied this dandelion in my backyard last Monday. Seems to me that it's a bit early in the year to be seeing dandelions, but to tell the truth I've never paid close attention to typical dandelion season. I do know there are weeds that did not die over the winter, and have actually doubled in size since last Fall! Nonetheless, weeds are another piece of the promise. And, of course, evening sunlight tops my list of things that signal the beginning of life once again. To come out of dormancy, turn my face to the sun, and breath in the freshness of Spring.......these are the days that fill me with energy and excitement.

Here's to hope and the promise of Spring!

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