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Friday, March 31, 2006

Studio Friday: Comfort

Posted by Picasa This week's topic for Friday March 31st suggested by Michelle : COMFORT
"In looking around my newly born studio space, I've realized I have a few little favorite trinkets that have quickly earned a place of honor. They are not necessarily tools or supplies or things I've created. Just my little 'familiars.' The things that provide comfort to my soul and make me smile, sweetly."

In large part, my studio is my comfort. Many of the studio shots that I've posted on this blog are comfort things. Having my cup of steaming hot coffee close at hand is a comfort. Frida gazing at me from behind my favorite word stamps gives me comfort and feelings of familiarity. But when I seek comfort, I find it in my stash of vacation memories, photos of those I love the most, my books, music, my collection of autumn leaves, and bits and pieces of memorabilia. I wrap myself in thoughts and memories of the people, places, and things that touch my soul.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday

Inspire Me Thursday: Monochromatic Art.

Collage using various patterned papers, gessoed and painted with tints, tones and shades of thalo blue.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Studio Friday: Secret Stash

This week's challenge:

"I would like to see what everyones 'secrect stash' is. A special ink pad that is tucked away for special occasions only? A secret luxury hidden in a desk? Or maybe 'shhh don't tell my significant other I bought...' " ~Joy

The challenge of this was narrowing it down to just one thing! Everything in my studio is a stash of some kind! And none of them are secrets from anyone.

This is a drawer filled with little pieces of fabric. I love them all, but have been soooo-ooo-o reluctant to use them. After all, once I use them they'll be gone!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Studio Friday: Black & White

Bandit the Wonderdog, often found lounging in the studio.

My newest quotablemagnet.

Foam alphabet stamps.

Beads from my collection.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Aspiring to be........

Who am I and why am I here? I have heard or read those two questions several times in the last week or so. When I encounter the same thing from multiple sources, it seems clear to me that I am meant to pay attention!
So I asked myself those questions, which led to asking more questions, which led to more questions..........I can easily become filled with self-doubts and negativity. I question my creativity and I an artist or am I just a wannabe? If there is an artist in me, wouldn't I be spending more of my time making art than just thinking about it?

I can't imagine my life without the desire to create.....I would feel like I was settling for only a piece of life if I didn't think in snapshots and collages and colors. Maybe being an artist is more about a way of thinking and seeing---and finding expression for those thoughts and visions---than it it about having a finished piece of work that I feel is worthy of sharing and showing.

The drive and desire to "make something" has always been with me. I used to spend hours, even as a very young child, looking through art and craft books and magazines. I remember the feelings of frustration and helplessness at wanting to "make that," but not having the adult assistance or materials to create whatever had caught my interest and imagination.

The drive and desire to create is still with me; it is a drive to engage in process, to express myself in a way that is uniquely "me." I'm not sure that there is a concrete answer to the questions, "who am I and why am I here?" Perhaps the answer lies in engaging in the process of creative self-expression. Maybe engaging in that process is the answer.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday

Inspire Me Thursday: Senseless Art

I missed last week's challenge to create art using all the senses were in bed with the flu! This week's challenge is make art without using the senses. I thought about blindfolding myself and picking paints and pens and snippets of paper and whatever else I laid hands on, but before I had a chance to do that, I took my morning walk.

I pick up litter as I walk the streets of my neighborhood. It is absolutely senseless to me that so many things are thoughtlessly tossed out of car windows, dropped as people walk along, and blown about from one block to the next, up one street and down another, until it disintegrates or someone disposes of it.

These are the items I picked up this morning in the first three minutes of my walk! I placed them in a box, gave it a little shake and jiggle, and let the items create their own composition.

Broken Lighter
Business Cards
Losing Lottery Tickets
Perforated Paper
Snippets of This and That
Slim Jim Wrapper

Trash, garbage, refuse, detritus. None of it pretty. Nothing that would be desired by anyone at this point. And yet, tossed into a box and shaken about, a composition is created. An arrangement of shapes, colors, textures, lines and forms...........A work that can be in constant rearrangement and re-creation as other senseless additions are made to the box.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Studio Friday: Eyes

Better late than never! My eyes were in pretty bad shape last week---as was the rest of me. The Bug caught up with me and I spent a whole lot more time laying in bed, sleeping, not sleeping, trying to get comfortable, not getting know the drill. Everyone's been there and done it at one time or another. After almost a week out of commission, I'm back at it again!

So whose eyes are in my studio besides mine?
Frida watches me from the ledge above my work space. Belly Wisdom also watches from her little niche, and seems to find the humor in the things I struggle with. She understands that it all shouldn't be taken so seriously. Little Crone Woman now also looks on, and guides me with her wisdom!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Studio Friday: Finding Inspiration

What inspires me? The answer is easy: Everything! Everything I do, everywhere I go, everything I see, hear, taste, touch and smell, everyone I meet.......all hold the potential for inspiration.

A bird in flight
Song lyrics
Other people's art
Stacks of papers
Tree bark
A walk in the woods
A walk around the block
A gathering of friends
Falling in love
Being hurt in love
Other people's stories
Snapshots from life
New faces and new places
The horizon
Skylines and landscapes
Quiet conversations
Drumming and chanting
Dusk and dawn
Starlight and moonglow
ATC swaps

I find inspiration when I open myself to the energy and experience of life.......... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Reorganization Continues........

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Inspire Me Thursday

First "Inspire Me Thursday" post. A self-portrait without a camera, huh? Wow. Let's see, I can't draw, I can't paint, collage.......well, maybe, but could be pretty time-consuming. How am I going to meet this challenge?

Work from photo; use cheap paints in little squeeze bottles; broad arcing lines of paint laid down on heavy paper directly from the bottle; more paint squeezed from bottles; then smear it around a bit with popsicle sticks. Voila. It's me!

Looking forward to the next challenge!

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