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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Couple of Old Guys

I had breakfast today with a couple of old guys. I usually have breakfast on Saturdays with only one old guy, my dad. We went to the usual truck stop, but all the tables were full. My dad's usual table was occupied by an old guy who invited us to sit with him. Although he had finished his breakfast, he stayed and visited with us.

It's interesting, sitting at breakfast with a couple of old guys. Apparently this guy and my dad pass the time when they run into each other at breakfast time, but have never really had a conversation. Today they talked about farming, the value of land versus gambling on the stock market, and discovered a mutual acquaintance. The other old guy lives about an hour south of the truck stop, while my dad and I live about 10 minutes away. But I wasn't surprised when we discovered that the old guy knew my great uncle many years ago..........the six degrees of separation thing, don't you know!

My dad and I have been going to breakfast just about every Saturday since last fall. I didn't know it had become a regular thing until I heard that he considers Saturday. to be "our day." Since my sister told me that, I have made it a point to keep this important date with him each week. You see, my dad is 82 and had a lot of health problems last year. He's doing much better now, with mobility problems more than anything. But last year I acknowledged the inevitability of the eventual loss of him in my life, so it's important to spend time when I can.

I wasn't close to my dad when I was growing up; he worked a lot, usually second shift, so I didn't even see him much during the week. He kept himself busy on the weekends working in his garage, hunting or fishing, or working on home improvement projects. My brother and sister had his attention and presence when he began working day shift, but by then I was out of the house. To have the chance to have a relationship with him now, to spend time together, to have "our day," is truly special. There might have been two old guys at the table this morning, but only one I really care about!


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